7 Cheap And Best Mattress In India 2022

Are you short of good mattress options at a low price?

Do you want a mattress that will meet your every need but don’t know where to start looking for one?

Then you are in the right place. Here we will tell you about the things that will ensure excellent purchase and suggest mattress names. After extensive research on every attribute, feature, and review, you will be happy to know that the list is prepared. So, if you want the cheap and best mattress in India, refer to the following review guide.

What To Look Before Buying Cheap Mattress

It is not easy to choose the perfect mattress for yourself, given the number of options markets provide containing both good and bad-performing mattresses. So, to save yourself from the purchase of the wrong mattress, familiarize yourself with the below concepts:

Mattress material: There are generally four types of mattresses, innerspring, coir, latex, memory foam mattresses. Innerspring is the traditional and most popular mattress that consists of steel coils and provides firm support. Contradictorily, memory foam moulds take the shape of your body as you lie on it.

On the other hand, a latex mattress gives you a bouncy and responsive feeling. However, to enjoy firm support around the body, consider a coir mattress.

Size: Make sure to check out the size and dimensions before you buy the mattress. It should be following your height and the available space in rooms. 

Warranty available: Another important point to consider is how long the warranty is available. The thumb rule is the longer is the warranty, the better is the quality.

Online reviews: Give importance to the online review available for mattresses. Some people warn you if there is any defect in the product or service of the company.

Top 7 Cheap And Best Mattress In India 2022

Refer to the following list it contains all the information you would want to know about the product before purchasing it:

1. SleepX Dual Comfort

The top among the best and most affordable mattresses in India is SleepX Dual comfort mattresses. So when people want to enjoy the best sleep experience, it comes under the first choice. 

The company has closely given importance to health and hygiene thus introduced neem fresh technology in its mattress. It benefits people in many ways like it protects people from getting skin allergies.

Also, it avoids breathing problems caused by coming in contact to dust mites and germs. Moreover, the mattress is free of all, provides excellent support and is supremely comfortable. 

Another good news about the product is that you can flip the mattress on both sides according to your preference. It is a reversible mattress where one side is medium soft, and the other is hard for firm support. In addition, the mattress is instilled with a multi-layered structure for a luxurious experience.

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The mattress construction is made of high resilience quality and rebounded foam base for ultimate sleep experience and support. So, when you wake up in the morning, you are free of the feeling of tiredness and back pain. Not to mention, the mattress supports maximum airflow through the knitted top fabric feature. 

The most beneficial thing liked by most customers is the top and bottom of the product is quilted with a sheet of 16mm thickness. Further, it is infilled with PU foam, allowing extra comfort and optimal support to its user. 


  • Highly durable
  • Comforting from both sides
  • The right amount of bounce, firmness and density
  • Affordable


  • No cons discovered yet

2. Springtek Amaze Eco

Imagine sleeping on a bed that absorbs the full day’s tiredness to give a fresh start every morning. This is what Springtek Amaze Eco mattress provides to its user. This is one of the best mattresses in an affordable price range

It is a one-stop solution for many people as, along with an excellent sleeping experience, it also provides peace of mind against infection and allergies. To be precise, the mattress contains quilted anti-microbial fabric, thus free from any bacteria and allergens.

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Now talking about its construction, it is made of only the finest quality material for providing refreshment and a feeling of rejuvenation. It involves both psychologically and physically. All credits go to the PU foam layer support that improves the durability and performance of the product. 

In addition, the mattress contains a special top layer made of cotton fabric capable of resisting any spills and hard stains. Also, the mattress comprises breathable technology, improving the airflow in the product to provide better comfort to sleepers. 

Moreover, suppose you have back pain. In that case, there is good news for you the mattress provides refined support by supporting your body shape from beneath and releasing pain. So, you can finally say goodbye to pain and hi to quality sleep. 

The product comes with a one-year warranty and doorstep delivery in metropolitan cities. Not to mention it is an economically friendly mattress.


  • 24×7 support
  • Luxurious support
  • Affordable 
  • Breathable fabric providing a cool sleeping experience


  • Does not support cushion action

3. Sleepwell Starlite Discover

Another top choice of people when looking for a high-quality mattress at an affordable price range is the Sleepwell Starlite Discover mattress. The company has designed this sleeping solution with high-density foam and an air mesh fabric for an efficient air circulation system. So, while you sleep, it does not get heated up. 

In addition, no compromises have been made while designing this particular product, thanks to supreme-quality PU foam. It makes sure you complete your good night’s sleep every night and start your day being completely refreshed and energetic. 

They make it possible since the PU foam and knitted fabric support better breathability and support. However, the top-most impressive thing about the product is the end-to-end finish. Thus, it provides perfect weight distribution from all sides. Also, since there is foam on all sides, it is the ideal option for arthritis patients

Not to mention the company is providing a one-year warranty on its product so you can be assured it is of high quality. Further, the mattress contains anti-microbial technology, so the person sleeping on it never gets allergy problems due to microbes and dust mites. 

Also, one of the plus points to consider here is when researchers compared the foaming quality of the mattress to others, they found it was much softer. So, any patient having a problem sitting or sleeping on a hard mattress can consider this one. Moreover, the product comes pre-assembled, so no assembly is required. 


  • Provides better support
  • No assembly required
  • Best for neck and back pain
  • Optimal comfort


  • Covers are not as best

4. Livpure Smart Vital

If finding a smart way to complete your quality sleep, Livpure Smart Vital is the mattress you are looking for. It is for people who do not like compromising on their sleep and require ultimate rest. 

To meet the demand, the mattress offers supportive cradles. So, as you sleep, it takes the shape of your body and provides support to regions like the back and neck. Along with it, there is a 4″ HR foam layer providing lumbar support to your back with minimal strains for rejuvenated mornings.

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In addition, the spacer fabric outer covering does not let the mattress warm up after long hours of sleep. Instead, it effectively transfers the heat and moisture away by enhancing airflow. Thus, keeping the mattress cool.

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Further, the outer removable outer cover made of premium GSM fabric is washable, so no more sleeping on dirty beds. 

However, what makes it the top mattress is it is reversible, so you can flip if you want the experience of a soft mattress one night and firmness the other night. Also, it is best for back pain patients as the mattress contains the feature of spine alignment technology. Thus, distributing pressure to avoid strain on only one part of the body. 

Not to mention, it has adaptive temperature properties that keep you warm on cold winter days and cool on hot days. Also, the manufacture delivers the mattress in pre-assembled form, so no more assembling trouble. 


  • Equal pressure distribution
  • Breathable fabric
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • The goodness of 4 layers


  • Relatively less warranty period

5. Comforto Siesta

Comforto Siesta memory foam mattress is a super impressive mattress with built-in high quality and luxurious performance. So, if looking for both medium-firm as well as medium-soft quality in a mattress this is the perfect option for you.

The mattress is 4 inches thick, 27 kg in weight, and has a soft premium top fabric layer. In addition, the border contains a 3D air mesh feature providing its sleepers high air circulation performance by keeping its texture airy and fluffy. 

Not to mention, the mattress is reversible and offers a 100-night free trial option. So, if you don’t find it fulfilling, you can return it without paying any cost. 

Now talking about its foam, it is made of a high-density durable foam mattress that prevents the body from getting sink-in. Also, it has a great responsive feature relieving you from one-spot pressure and distributing it throughout evenly. 

The product also comes with an elegant and premium cover to give you a plush experience. Moreover, the fabric is cool and breathable, so you do not get disturbed at night. 

However, the main reason people buy this product is the 10-year warranty it offers on manufacturing defects. So, you get this mattress not only at an affordable price, but it will also serve you long-term. 

The delivery of the mattress is given in a compressed and folded-up form packed in a box. So, it is easy for you to unravel and use it without buying additional tools for setup.

To Reall Complete Review Of Comforto Siesta Mattress


  • Medium firmness
  • Comfortable packaging
  • Reversible
  • Orthopaedic assistance
  • 10-year warranty


  • Low thickness

6. Coirfit Foam Mattress

Another product to consider when looking for the best mattress under an affordable range is the Coirfit 4-inch foam mattress. It is an upholstery ravishing-looking mattress that reinvents your room’s look and design. 

It is the top choice of people as it avoids the sagging of the body into the mattress as one lies on it. Thus, people wake up pain-free every morning. Not to mention, the mattress offers the benefit of four by providing quilted knitted fabric on top, HD flexi puff quilt in the second, HPE hard foam third and Air-mesh fabric in the fourth. 

The quilted knitted fabric contains anti-allergen qualities, so you don’t get infected by dust mites and other microbes. Moreover, it also benefits people with its zero-partner disturbance feature. So, if you are the one that has a habit of moving a lot while sleeping, this mattress can help you the most. 

Another point that makes it a popular choice among people is its orthopaedic support. In other words, it makes sure your joints, neck and back are appropriately supported for quality sleep. 

One more good news about the product is it is temperature regulated. Thus, providing you warm experience during cold days and a cool experience during hot ones. 

When talking about packaging, the manufacture makes it easy for customers to unravel the product as it comes in the pre-assembled form. So, you can enjoy it as soon as it arrives. 


  • Best for orthopaedic support
  • Zero disturbance by partner
  • High-quality fabric for a luxurious experience


  • Lower thickness

7. Centuary Mattress Joy

 If looking for a bouncy mattress excluding the innerspring construction, then this is your mattress. Centuary Mattress Joy is recently the number one choice of people in the Indian Market. However, what makes it so special is the main question. 

The answer is the combined benefit it provides by its multiple layer service, the rubberized coir, rebounded foam and ortho foam. The lowermost layer contains the rubberized coir, which has been made even better for people by adding latex to the natural coir. So, it is not that hard to sleep on.

Next is the ortho foam layer that provides extra firmness to the body for pressure relief. Finally, the top-most layer made from rebounded foam gives you a bouncy feeling. It is the real reason why it has been named joy mattress. 

One more good news is that during the making of the mattress, it used no harmful chemicals. So, it is a hypoallergenic mattress solving the problems of allergy among sensitive people. Not to mention the mattress contains an anti-fungal and anti-microbial features to protect you against the action of bacteria and microbes.

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Also, the mattress contains air circulation properties and reduces heat storage instances to give you a comfortable sleep all night. Moreover, despite so many layers, the mattress is extremely lightweight and has an excellent look.  


  • Anti-microbial properties
  • Best for people having injuries or surgery stitches
  • Lightweight
  • Offers the benefit of three layers
  • Offers air circulation benefit
  • Is hygienic and healthy 


  • No hard base 


 A huge collection of mattresses is available at an affordable price range, but make sure you research before finalizing your product. It will help you in making the best choice. However, our editor’s pick is the SleepWell Starlite Discover mattress if you want suggestions because of its excellent finish, price range, and PU foam performance. 

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