Repose Mattress Review
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Are you encountering sleepless nights quite often nowadays? 

Most people consider stress and monotonous lifestyles to be the main reason for suffering from insomnia. 

However, if we look at the real picture, it is your ambience that promotes your sleep and lets the nerves relax or demotes them. 

When we are talking about ambience, do you have any idea about the core of your bedroom ambience? 

Yes, indeed, it is the mattress that one needs to get right. 

The softness and firm foam layers will not only lull you into a deep slumber but also lessen the knots in your muscles, thereby giving enough time to your nerves to relax. 

As the need to have a custom-designed mattress that can cater to your requirement list is increasing, we have decided to shed some light on the repose mattress review

Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

How have we tested and picked our products?

Since we had so many mattress options in our hands, it was truly a difficult task. We knew there would be no room for mistakes, and that’s why we put forth various strategies to test these mattresses and list down the best ones.

For testing, we kept comfort and health as our main priority. The products which topped the list were our initial choice. After that, we focused on more detailed aspects like size options, the layers with which the mattresses are made, the lightness of the outer fabric, and so on. 

Top 6 Best Repose Mattress Review In India 2021

1. Repose Eyelidz Pocket Spring Mattress

7 Best Repose Mattress Review In India 1


  1. Better support on the surface
  2. Independent spring operation
  3. Spine support structure 
  4. 78” X 72” X 6” dimensions

Thanks to independently working pocketed springs, the mattress doesn’t create any roll-over effect, making the product stand out amidst the crowd. 

Also, these springs hit perfectly on the pressure points as soon as you lie on your bed. 

Hence, you will be able to relax without any hassle without dealing with stress during the night time. 

Since it has got special padding of cotton felt material, the mattress is super soft. 

It’s not bouncy like the memory foam mattress but soft enough to not make your body ache further the next morning. 

All the inner layers are covered with a knitted fabric that will allow your skin to breathe perfectly without restriction. 

Hence, there will be no sweating profusely or allergic breakouts due to heat accumulation.


  • Added firmness due to PU foam
  • Knitted fabric for proper airflow 
  • Offers zero pressure support


Needs to be flipped frequently 

2. Repose Eyelidz Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

7 Best Repose Mattress Review In India 2


  1. Four different size categories
  2. 78” X 42” maximum dimension limit 
  3. 6” mattress height
  4. 12-years warranty

Repose Eyelidz is best to reduce the aches between your joints or the muscle sprains, and no other mattress will be as good as this. 

As they are available in four different sizes- king, queen, double, and single, you can buy the mattress as per your bed’s suitability. 

Also, suppose you don’t want to go by these standard four sizes. In that case, multiple dimension options are also there for better customization. 

Covering the padding is the sanitized knitted fabric that results in the enhanced plushness of the product. 

Even though it’s memory foam, Eyelidz Orthopedic has a higher degree of firmness for providing better upward support to your bones and muscles. 

Besides, a high resilience foam acts as the core layer that prevents sagging and maintains the thickness. 

Edge support, its efficiency has been enhanced, thanks to the high-density foam present right below the knitted fabric layer. 


  • Easy removal with YKK Japanese zipper mechanism
  • Breathable knitted top layer fabric 
  • A smooth and dense memory foam layer


  • Lack of internal insulation 

3. Repose Eyelidz Latex Mattress

7 Best Repose Mattress Review In India 3


  1. 9 different options for dimension choice
  2. 5”, 6”, and 8” mattress height options
  3. Single to the king, 4 sizes available
  4. Perfect for alleviating pains and promoting sleep

If you are looking for a natural material mattress, the Repose latex mattress is the ideal choice. 

The latex with which the product is made comes directly from the trees and undergoes no chemical additions during the processing in factories. 

That’s why the mattress is super hygienic and wouldn’t cause any allergies, no matter how sensitive your skin is. 

Repose has brilliantly placed the latex layers so that the softness lulls you into a deep and soundless slumber, and the firmness can reduce the pain and provide better relaxation. 

There are three latex layers under the knitted quilt fabric- top firm latex, hard middle latex, and below firm latex. 


  • Maintains proper spine posture
  • Alleviates localized aches
  • Breathable top-layer fabric


  • No removable cover present

4. Repose Eyelidz Premium Edge Protected Pocketed Spring Mattress

7 Best Repose Mattress Review In India 4


  1. Innerspring construction type 
  2. Medium firmness
  3. Lightweight mattress
  4. The white-colored top layer

Pocket springs are far more beneficial than the normal arrangements, and hence, the Repose Eyelidz premium edge pocketed spring mattress will always be a better choice than others. 

First of all, Repose has designed the product so that you won’t have to sport any second thought before finalizing your purchase. 

For example, the top layer has knitted fabric with pores that increase ventilation and avoid excessive sweating. 

Similarly, the dense PU foam layer is better for back support and posture maintenance. 

No movement effect; it will compress the springs independently according to the amount of pressure incident. 

Thanks to the uniquely designed honeycomb mesh structure, you won’t have to deal with increased localized pains at the major pressure points in your body. 


  • A super comforting and softer foam layer
  • Thick PU layer to support the weight
  • Has anti-sagging properties


  • No memory foam layer present

5. Repose Eyelidz Memory Foam Mattress

7 Best Repose Mattress Review In India 5


  1. 6-years of manufacturer warranty 
  2. 6 options in terms of size
  3. Foam construction type 
  4. Extremely lightweight 

If you search for comfort during the night, you need to have the perfect mattress like the Repose Eyelidz memory foam. 

It comes with five distinct layers, each having its purpose in enhancing the functionality of the overall mattress. 

The top layer is made from a stretch knit cover which you can remove at your convenience. 

Next, two layers are made of air-infused memory foam, having a thickness of 1” and 1.5”, respectively. 

The air-infused foam layer will mould perfectly according to your body shape in contact with the surface. 

Hence, you won’t have to worry about proper support against your body surface. 

The fourth layer is the gel pro memory foam which enhances the fluid motion of the bedding material, thereby adding to the softness. 

At last, you have the HD base support foam for firmness.


  • Tripe memory foam for enhanced easefulness
  • Has a cooling effect
  • Ensures proper ventilation through knitted top layer fabric


  • The removable top layer isn’t washable

6. Repose Eyelidz Bonnel Spring Mattress

7 Best Repose Mattress Review In India 6


  1. Standard and pillow top mattress type
  2. 6”, 8”, and 10” mattress height options
  3. 9 types of dimensions 
  4. Seamless stitches at the edge

For premium mattresses with spring-type construction, no other Repose mattress can match the excellence of the Bonnell Spring bedding material. 

A properly knitted woven fabric covers the entire mattress and allows proper airflow, thereby providing a cooling effect. 

Below the fabric is a cotton felt. The felt acts as a protective and firm layer, which acts as a cushioning medium between your body surface and the Bonnell springs

The third or the middle layer consists of heat-tempered springs connected to a single base with no independent pockets. 

The edges are sealed tightly so that no spring can mistakenly pop out of this under high pressure


  • Elasticity coefficient is high 
  • Plushness is at its extreme 
  • Anti-dust top layer fabric


  • No control on flow movement

Things to consider while buying the best repose mattress

  1. Thickness: Based on how thick the mattress is, you need to determine whether or not it’s suitable for your bed. The Greater the thickness will be the support for your bones and muscles.
  2. Comfort level: While choosing the mattress, make sure it is comfortable and will help you relax without any worry. A proper bedding mattress enhances the rejuvenation process of your nerves by lessening the knots in your body.
  3. Size: You have to choose a dimension a little less than that of the bed. So, make sure to have the perfect measurements of the length and breadth depending upon whether you have a king-size or double bed.
  4. Inner layers: Foam layers will add softness to the mattress, while latex will offer more firmness. Similarly, the PU layers are ideal for medium-level plushness. So, before you make your final choice, be sure to check the layers and their properties.


Having the right mattress is very essential for you, especially since this particular bedding accessory will determine whether you can sleep peacefully and soundlessly at night or not.

This is where our repose mattress review will come in. For reducing your back pain or perfecting your body posture, the Repose Eyelidz Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress is definitely the best choice.

Similarly, for reduced bouncy effect and better comfort, the Repose EyeLidz Pocket Spring Mattress top the list.

Hence, make sure you are choosing the product which can meet your needs with 100% satisfaction and perfection. 

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