SleepX Promises Comfort to Couples with its Half Half Mattress

Along with exercise and good nutrition, sleep is now acknowledged as a crucial contributor to good health. And, the major component that contributes to good sleep is the perfect mattress. Therefore, SleepX is launching Half Half Mattress to offer comfortable postural alignment to couples.

SleepX Promises Comfort to Couples with its Half Half Mattress 1

This Half Half mattress of SleepX has been exclusively designed for those couples who have different choices of mattresses – where one likes the hard mattresses, and the other one likes the soft mattresses. In Half Half, the couple can get both feels by purchasing a single mattress.

SleepX Promises Comfort to Couples with its Half Half Mattress 2
Credits: SleepX

The main speciality of this mattress is – half of the mattress is gentle and provides plush support, and the other half is ortho firm and provides back comfort. The features of this innovative mattress include a layer of next-generation memory foam that offers additional comfort for an uninterrupted sound sleep. Also, the unique Neem Freshche Technology of SLLEPX makes sure that the couples experience long-term hygiene and freshness. 

Adding to that, the SleepX mattress is providing uncompromised personalized comfort with air mesh fabric. This fabric is extremely efficient in fresh-air circulation. Also, the Half Half mattress can provide additional comfort because of its quilted design on the outer surface that leaves a plush feel.

Moreover, the mattress is extremely cost-effective because one can get the feel of two separate mattresses here without spending on two. In addition, the company is providing a 5-year warranty for the product. And, they are offering a 100 night trial period and free shipping. Also, there’s an option for availing no cost EMI. 

Hence, with SleepX’s Half Half mattress, there’s no need to compromise your sleeping preferences anymore. Moreover, you can sleep together comfortably as a couple without sacrificing your preferred comfort option.

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