Peps Mattress has made this Diwali even better for people by offering them a chance to win up to Rs 22,000 on every mattress purchase.

This is a deal one cannot miss! Get the benefit of the finest material, innovative technology, wide option range and deep sleep experience. Not only this but the company also offer a range of pillow and accessories to provide all sorts of comfort to their users.

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This is a great deal, especially for shopping extravaganza seeing that Pep is one of India’s best sleep system brands. Not to mention they contain all sleep solutions under one roof. It includes pillows, comforters, mattresses, fitted sheets, protectors, and other accessories.   

However, when it comes to choosing the best mattress, it can be difficult as it needs to be of the highest quality to avoid sleep issues. But this is not the problem when choosing a product from Peps. They contain all sorts of mattresses ranging from firm, medium, to soft. 

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Peps is one of the top brands offering hybrid mattresses. Thus, giving people the benefit of foam and spring layers. Also, it absorbs shock providing no disturbance to your partner. So, bring home the best mattress along with a 22000 worth gift!

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