70% New Year Discount On Springtek Mattress Is Live Now

On New Year, when people are getting everything new, Springtek is making it easy by offering a heavy discount of 70% on their mattresses. So, the people not only buy the basics but everything possible in their home.

Springtek has bought a heavy kick to improve the excitement of the festive season by offering a discount on every mattress and even Sheesham wood furniture, bedding accessories, and more. You have to use the coupon DREAM50.

Its plush collection includes Dreamer Orthopedic memory foam dual comfort mattresses starting at just Rs 9773, tri-folding mattresses 4” at Rs 7078, and others. You can select any.

Fortunately, it is the trusted mattress company online with 6000+ google reviews and 2100+ Amazon reviews. Still, buying a mattress without a proper test is a little nerve-racking, but Springtek mattress has it covered. They offer a 30-night trial and 11 years warranty.

So, if you place your order this New Year with amazing discounts, you will have a lot of time to decide your favourite one. And delivery, like every single time, is completely free. Also, it is doorstep delivery. So, you don’t even have to step out.

Check out the sale and mattress offer before it ends.

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