How to Choose A Mattress Topper In India 2022

The mattress is an expensive investment, and to invest in the best mattress for yourself; you would have double-checked all the needful possibilities. When the mattress is getting old, it is practically impossible to discard away the entire expensive mattress.

The ideal solution is to invest in a quality mattress topper. The firm mattress topper is an ideal choice to give you the much-needed comfort; you can get rid of back pain and relax at the end of the day.

To cut down on the cost, it is important to double-check the mattress topper buying guide and choose the best and luxurious mattress.

1. What is Mattress Topper?

The mattress topper works as an added comfort of the layer to your existing mattress. Investing in a quality mattress topper helps you boost your existing mattress’s durability, and you surely enjoy the added comfort factor. All single-sided mattresses should have the best mattress topper you can. You experience relaxing sleep.

2. Factors You Need to Consider While Buying Mattress Topper

You cannot simply pick a random mattress topper and experience the best and luxury sleep. Multiple factors can impact the quality of the mattress topper. Here are the top factors which you must reconsider before buying the firm mattress topper. 

  • Thickness and Density: The thickness and mattress topper decide the comfort; hence, a good mattress topper should not be too thick and too thin. A thick mattress can make your bed extremely hot, whereas thinner toppers won’t be able to provide you with much-needed comfort. Keep the check on density as well. Both memory foam and latex mattress topper is the best choice.
  • Pain Relief, Firmness, And Extra Support: the primary role of a mattress topper provides added support and comfort to get rid of back pain. Invest in a quality memory foam mattress, which provides extra support and is not too firm
  • Comfort and Softness: The comfort and softness of the mattress highly deepen on the materials used. Make sure to invest in a good mattress that has the best density and handpicked materials. Buying a mattress topper with soft material helps in peaceful sleep. 
  • Body Heat: Both memory foam mattress and latex mattress toppers retain the heat from the body. The thick and dense mattress might feel hotter. Make sure to check for the additional elements like gel cooling and added air ventilation tubes, so that body heat does not get elevated.
    The feather mattress topper is usually reliable throughout the year. Even a wool mattress provides added warmth during the winters, and it controls heat during summer.
  • Materials: Usually, the quality mattress topper is made using cotton, memory foam wool, latex, and each material have a different impact on the boy. In case of a serious allergic issue, it is best to use wood mattress toppers. If you give importance to comfort, it is best to stick with memory foam mattress toppers. 
  • Allergies: Certain materials may cause allergies. It is best to check the materials used in the mattress topper before buying. Some mattress toppers are resistant to mites, mould, and annoying bed bugs. 
  • Ease Of Cleaning And Moving: This is the most crucial part; a mattress stopper is also a big investment; hence make sure to double-check the cleaning and mid-sentence part. 
  • Warranty: The warranty time of the mattress topper is usually somewhere between 1.5 years to 2 years. If you plan to buy a good mattress topper for five years, the price may vary slightly. 
  • Brands: Mattress toppers are available in many leading brands, look for the best brand name to buy the mattress topper. This will not only assure you of quality products, but also you will find the after-sales services credible.
  • Gel: Recently modern mattress toppers come with a gel; these are the replacement of polyurethane foam. It is a bit high in price, but it offers the best comfort to you. The airflow is best, and it reduces excessive body heat. 
  • Price: The mattress topper which high prices necessary do not mean is also great in quality. Make sure to check the price range and your budget before invest in a quality mattress topper. Make sure the durability of the mattress topper is also high with great comfort.

3. How to Choose A Mattress Topper?

Replacing the old mattress is an expensive affair; a good mattress topper can rule out the chances of completely changing the mattress. Many vital pointers should be taken care of before investing in a good mattress topper. But before that, let’s understand what exactly is the mattress topper.

4. Difference Between Topper, Pad, And Protector 

The mattress toppers work as a soft layer on the mattress. It is having a cushion-like texture and is also soft when the body comes in direct contact. Where are the mattress pads that add additional padding to the mattress?

It is also a comfortable choice if you like a cushion-like surface, but it doesn’t work as a mattress topper. The mattress protectors are the protective layer or the cover, specially designed to safeguard the mattress from oils, fluids, and accidental spills. It is the best choice if you are allergic.

5. What type of material to choose? 

The mattress toppers are available in a wide array of options you can choose among different styles and materials. There is a different type of mattress topper material. 

  • Latex: The latex mattress toppers are high on price, but you get brilliant support, and the comfort is also high. Natural latex is extracted from the rubber tree, and it is an eco-friendly choice. At the same time, synthetic latex mattress toppers are a mix of 2 or more materials. It is also a  luxury mattress topper.
  • Memory Foam: Memory foam mattress toppers are ideal, but it is expensive. It provides support for back pain and muscular aches. The durability is also high. 
  • Wool: The wool mattress toppers are super soft and are well insulated. You feel warm and cosy during nap time. It works as the best mattress topper for back pain. 
  • Goose And Duck Down Or Feathers: This type of mattress topper provides warmth less and is also a comfortable option. It is trustworthy for those who prefer to sleep on the firm surface, it is a bit high on price, but the quality speaks for itself. 
  • Egg Crate: Egg crate mattress topper is a popular choice among health enthusiasts. It allows proper air calculation and also prevents bedsores. The fabric is extremely breathable. 

6. Benefits of Mattress Topper 

Apart from providing a comfortable and peaceful sleep, the mattress topper also provides additional benefits. It helps to increase the durability of the mattress, and your bed life also increases.

  • Providing additional comfort layers:

    The mattress topper’s soft and soft cottony fabric provides an additional comfort layer and evenly manages the body weight. You can turn and rotated without waking up with sore body aches. 
  • The longevity of the mattress:

    The mattress toppers work as a protective layer on the mattress; hence, it automatically increases the mattress’s connectivity. This is because you are directly sleeping on the mattress topper and not on the mattress.
    • Body Perspiration: The body releases moisture every night when you sleep; it can be in the form of sweat and other fluids. The Mattress topper controls the sweat and prevents it from reaching the core matters. The sturdy mattress topper comes with absorbable sweat, and it is cost-effective to clean and maintain.
    • Dead skin and bacteria: Our body sheds dead skin, and sometimes bacteria can also be accumulated in your body. A mattress topper works as a protective layer between the dead cells and the core mattress. 
    • Undue settlement and indentations: Prolonged usage can lead to sagging and compression of foam. Using a quality mattress topper, your mattress can be protected from sagging, and the longevity is also increased a lot. 
  • The Longevity Of The Mattress:

    The added benefit of mattress topper is that your mattress looks newer for a longer time duration. The comfort factor is also unaffected, and the overall mateine cost is low.

7. The Importance Of A Mattress Topper

The mattress topper adds an additional layer to your mattress, and it provides the enhanced comfort when you take a name. The correct mattress topper improves the sleeping position and reduces neck pain, spill chord dislocation, and backache.

8. What’s The Best Mattress Topper Material?

The mattress toppers are made from a different material. You can choose the best which fits your budget and need. Here is the list of best mattress topper material which works well for all types of people. 

  • The pollster-based mattress topper is a cheap and durable option; the life span is usually less.
  • The wool mattress topper is made with natural fibre and usually have a longer life span. It also offers comfort if you like to sleep warm and cosy. 
  • The natural latex mattress topper is a highly popular choice; the lifespan is longer, and the quality is also best. It offers the best comfort and support while you rest your body.

9. How To Choose A Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Memory foam mattress topper is the best pick. Here are some factors which will help you to invest in the best memory foam mattress toppers. 

  • Pick the mattress topper of the right size, which matches your bed size. 
  • Ideal density and thickness help you get a comfortable sleep; it should not be too thick or too thin.
  • Make sure the mattress topper is waterproof and free from hypoallergenic materials. 
  • Invest in a quality memory foam mattress topper with a sturdy cover; it is easy to wash and maintain.
  • The memory foam mattress should combat the heat and give you a hot feeling during the night’s sleep.


The high-quality mattress toppers are the best investment for your mattress. It protects the mattress from dust, fluids, and mites and increases the comfort factor when you are sleeping. The choice of material used in the mattress topper ensures you get cosy sleep, and your body is well supported.

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