Our bed gets more usage than any other piece of furniture in our house. This is why selecting a new mattress may be a challenging, if not intimidating, task. With the endless amount of information available, you must also distinguish between reality and fiction. We’re here to guide you through the process, starting with eliminating some popular mattress misconceptions.

15 Common Mattress Myths And Facts

Be sure if the information you have about the mattress is a myth or fact:

1. All firm mattress is great for back pain

According to traditional knowledge, A firmer mattress provides greater back support and, as a result, better sleep. In reality, each individual is unique. It all depends on how your body feels in the morning when deciding whether to go with gentle, medium, or hard. Factory Mattress has a 366-night trial period, so if you decide you made the incorrect choice, you may swap it for a new one for up to 366 nights.

2. One can get a high-quality mattress at a low price

The cost of a memory foam mattress is pretty considerable. That is correct, but only for a few high-end brands. At a low price, you may easily get a high-quality memory foam mattress. An excellent memory foam mattress can last for ten years or more, but a conventional mattress can only endure five to six years. Now you may determine for yourself whether or not a memory foam mattress is costly.

3. You can use the mattress until it sags.

It’s fine to use a mattress till it sags. However, a mattress doesn’t need to be visibly sagging to lose support. It would be best if you replaced mattresses every six to eight years.

4. Memory foam mattress means uncomfortable sleep

Memory foam mattresses are notorious for storing excessive body heat, making them uncomfortable to sleep on. This myth was true a few years ago, but not any longer. A technologically improved memory foam mattress is lighter and more porous, allowing for easier airflow. A few companies, like Doctor Dreams, combine a gel foam layer with memory foam to create a delightfully cool mattress that ensures a comfortable night’s sleep.

5. A better bed comes at a higher price

The more expensive a mattress is, the better it is, according to logic. However, this is, once again, a work of fiction. Some companies are overpriced, asking top dollar for defective materials. Similarly, the top-of-the-line mattress from a certain brand might not be the best fit for you. When shopping for a bed, consider the inside of the bed and put comfort ahead of prestige.

6. All mattresses from the top brand are supreme in quality

Mattresses from well-known brands are of higher quality. Even though many industry giants have well-established names and reputations, smaller manufacturers do not automatically provide higher-quality mattresses. When it comes to mattress specifications, they are usually complicated, primarily because it helps increase profits when customers cannot compare shop effectively. Instead of relying on a brand’s reputation, check genuine reviews to see what people are saying.

7. You may fix anything with a mattress topper

To extend the life of an old mattress, it may be enticing to add a topper. In addition, it would help if you used mattress covers to relieve pressure spots on an excessively hard mattress or give comfort to a mattress that still provides enough support.

8. Clean linens mean the clean mattress

Your mattress will stay clean if you wash your linens regularly. However, you cannot protect dust mites and other allergens from your mattress by just washing your sheets. Dust mites, which feed on dead skin cells, will infest all beds. The easiest approach to keep these mites out of your mattress is to use a mattress cover and regularly wash it with your sheets.

9. If you have run a showroom test, it is the perfect choice

You’ll get all of the information you need from a showroom test. This myth has been around for a long time and appears to be reasonable. After all, how can you tell whether you’ll like a bed until you try it? The showroom experience, on the other hand, does not provide insight into how a mattress would feel after a full night’s sleep or a month’s sleep. Because the selection is limited, salespeople may try to steer you toward a terrible fit, and it might be difficult to be comfortable lying down in the middle of a crowded store. Showrooms can also make it difficult to select the right mattress.

10. Mattress feels different in-store and at home

Because mattresses are regularly broken in, they may not feel the same at the store as they do at home. Whether in a store or online, the ability to return or exchange products is the most important element to consider.

11. Innerspring mattresses are less comfy than memory foam mattresses

It is totally up to you to choose your level of comfort. Just because a buddy raves about her memory foam mattress doesn’t imply you’ll feel the same way. So make your mattress purchase only based on your comfort level.

12. There’s no way of finding whether mattress information is a myth or a fact

Remember, at Production line Mattress, we have sleep professionals who can debunk even the most prevalent mattress misconceptions at all of our stores in Austin and San Antonio, just in case you have any concerns or need to debunk any other mattress myths! So stop by and visit us today if you want to put your hand-me-down mattress knowledge to the test or if you have any questions regarding the best mattress for you.

13. A high-quality mattress does not contain chemical

A foul odour will emanate from a low-quality, chemically-induced memory foam mattress, but this is not the case with a high-quality mattress. To protect your mattress from mites, fungi, germs, and dust, make sure it is adequately encased in anti-microbial TENCEL or, at the very least, has a knitted fabric. So, believe us when we say that sleeping on our comfy mattress does not need you to cut your nose.

14. Memory foam mattress sinks only after a few use

After a few weeks, the memory foam mattress begins to droop. Some mattresses, although not all, compress. A pure PU foam layer in a Doctor Dreams mattress ensures that it returns to its original shape without dips or sags. After all, only the ocean, not your mattress, should have depth.

15. One should believe whatever information is available online about memory foam mattress

Facts, not myths, are what you should believe when it comes to memory foam mattresses. Customers may save money on the Doctor Wishes mattress and furniture collection when compared to other online providers. Get huge savings, a ten-year warranty, a 100-night free trial, and free shipping.

If you have a bad back, you should get a firm mattress. Long believed to be the greatest mattress for back support, the current study shows that you prefer medium to medium-firm mattresses. Your hips and shoulders may be pushed up by a firm bed, leaving your lower back unprotected. The best mattress for you is one that is firm enough to support your complete body yet soft enough to suit your curves and prevent pressure points.


It’s essential to grasp the difference between myths and reality while looking for a new mattress. Don’t be persuaded by sales promises or marketing methods that aren’t backed up by evidence. Instead, learn about the many types of mattresses that you’re interested in so you can tell the difference between a decent mattress and a lemon. Pay attention to what makes your body feel good.

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