GSM Fabric Is Important While Buying Mattress

Have you ever paid attention to the top cover of a mattress while buying?

Do you know that the top layer is equally important for maintaining the mattress’s performance, if not more?

No, right? 

To be honest, most of us fail to understand the functions of all the material layers present in a mattress, starting with the fabric cover. That’s why we don’t know what a GSM fabric is or how beneficial a knitted fabric cover is.

If you don’t consider the top layer, you might end up having a mattress that won’t fulfil all your requirements. Hence, in the below article, we have described the fundamentals of the GSM fabric in a mattress. Know more about the mattress buying guide.

What is GSM Fabric in a mattress?

GSM or Grams per Square Meter is a dimensional attribute required for determining how heavy the fabric is. For example, a woollen yarn will have higher GSM in comparison to satin or silk. This is because the total amount of matter in one square meter of wool is far more than the silk/satin. 

Similarly, when we talk about the GSM of a mattress top fabric, we usually determine its weight and other related features. Hence, if the GSM of the fabric is high, it will be much denser and won’t circulate the air properly. On the contrary, fabrics with lower GSM values are lightweight, thereby helping maintain ventilation. 

Is the Quality of the Mattress Dependant on the GSM?

Yes, the quality of the mattress is highly dependent on the GSM value of its top fabric layer. Below we have explained some of the circumstances here. In addition, this weight measuring factor will let you know about the mattress quality. 

  1. First of all, GSM is used to understand how dense the fabric is. Usually, mattresses having a dense top cover is more luxurious to sleep on than the lower GSM fabrics. 
  2. The ventilation rate of the mattress’s top layer is also dependent on the GSM value. A good mattress must have a cover that will allow unrestricted circulation of air. 
  3. Another major factor that is dependent on the mattress cover GSM is comfort. Higher GSM values like 300 to 400 will help provide more comfort compared to the lower values. 

Benefits Of Choosing GSM Fabric In Mattress

  • The GSM value will help you to determine the fabric’s weight in the mattress.
  • High GSM values offer a luxurious feel with an enhanced comfort level. 
  • Lower GSM fabrics are meant to control ventilation in a much better manner. 
  • With the lower GSMs, it will reduce the chances of having allergies due to enhanced air circulation. 
  • The GSM attribute will also help in knowing more about the yarn used for manufacturing the top layer. 

Drawbacks of GSM Fabric In Mattress

  • Even though considering the GSM value of a mattress fabric is important, prioritising it is not good. 
  • If the GSM is interpreted wrongly, it will affect other layers present in the mattress.
  • High GSM fabrics cannot regulate the surface temperature in a mattress. 
  • GSM is indirectly proportional to the thread count.

Reasons to choose GSM Fabric In Mattress.

Often mattress buyers do not pay attention to considering the GSM value of a mattress fabric. However, if you too belong to the same group, you must know the importance of GSM fabric before you conclude. 

  • GSM will help you to understand more about the fabric weight. It will tell you about how dense the fabric is and whether it will suit your needs or not. 
  • This particular measurement attribute will also help you to choose the perfect mattress based on the seasons. For example, if the GSM is around 250 or 300, you cannot use the mattress in hot weather
  • With the help of GSM, you can also know whether the top fabric will provide you with a luxurious feel or not. In addition, you can also determine the mattress’s comfort level based on the fabric GSM. 
  • Mattress top fabrics having high GSM values are more durable and resistant to wear to tear. However, the same cannot be said for fabrics coming with lower GSM values. 

What to look at before GSM Fabric In Mattress?

  1. You need to check the material with which the mattress top layer is manufactured. This will give you a rough idea about its GSM. For example, if the mattress has a cotton cover, the total GSM will be less than 150. But if you consider a woollen or knitted fabric, its GSM value will be more than 200. 
  2. A mattress’s top layer is responsible for changing the firmness. Hence, you should check the actual firmness value you will need for a comfortable sleep and then select the appropriate GSM value. 
  3. Price is another factor you have to keep in mind before choosing the GSM fabric value. 


In this article, we have given you a fundamental idea about what GSM is in a mattress top fabric, along with its importance and other such facts. So, now, if you are planning to buy a new mattress, we are certain that you won’t ignore to know more about the top layer fabric. 

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