Online Mattress Vs Store – Which Is Best Place To Buy Mattress

Are you planning to buy a new mattress for yourself but can’t decide whether to go online or not? 

Well, if yes, then consider yourself a bit lucky that you got this question lingering in your mind because making a straightway buying decision might prove to be wrong for you. So, you should make sure that you know to decide whether an online mattress will work for you or the in-store product. 

Since several mattress brands have been launched into the market with numerous products, it can be hard to get one for yourself. Furthermore, with more opportunities in window shopping, people have discarded the idea of walking into a mattress store, feeling the products, inquiring about them from experts, and then making the decision.

That’s why in this article, we have discussed the major facts you need to know to decide whether an online store is ideal for you or in-store mattress shopping.

Key ParameterOnlinePhysical Store
VarietyWide range of optionsLimited or If it is a specific brand, you can see only those mattresses.
DiscountsInstant discounts with Debit or Credit CardsNeed to bargain, to reduce the price.
Physical TouchYou can’t see or feel the mattress quality till it is delivered to you.You can check for quality and comfort while seeing the mattress directly.
InformationYou get to know the product description more clearly.You have to believe what the salesman is telling.
Trust FactorTrustworthy when you purchased from authorised sellers.The probability of purchasing damaged or less quality products can be minimal.
ReviewsYou can get reliable reviews through certified buyers.Getting Reviews is not possible unless someone already purchased in your circle.

Online Mattress VS Store: Benefits

The below section has pointed out the major five benefits of buying a mattress online and from a physical store. This will help you in understanding which one you should choose for yourself. 

Online mattress shopping

  1. When you shop online, you will be able to check a wide range of products from multiple brands without putting extra effort physically. 
  2. In the online stores, you will be able to surf through one particular company’s entire product range, which is not possible for in-store shopping. 
  3. With online shopping, you will get the normal discounts and redeem codes or promo codes to make the shopping worthwhile. 
  4. You don’t have to spend too much physical energy buying the mattress from online stores. 
  5. It will save a lot of time, especially when you urgently need the mattress and the nearest shop is not in close vicinity to your home. 

In-store mattress shopping

  1. When you buy the mattresses from the physical stores, you will be able to reduce the risks of getting a damaged product.
  2. Sometimes, it can be difficult to understand the special features like the edge support, cooling gel memory foam, etc. Hence, having a real feeling in the stores will help you make a better decision. 
  3. Physical mattress stores can also provide other accessories which you can buy in accordance with the chosen mattress.,
  4. If you are a first-time mattress buyer, it’s better to go with the physical in-stores than the online stores. 
  5. Also, with the physical mattress stores, you will be able to decide which particular type of mattress is suitable for you by feeling the firmness, the surface, and other such parts. 

Online VS In-store Mattress: Disadvantages 

Online mattress shopping

  • Online mattress shopping involves many risks since you wouldn’t know the mattress feel, firmness, and other factors until you purchase and receive the product.
  • The return and replacement policies are quite messy for some brands, which can prove problematic if you receive a damaged or wrong product.
  • Since online mattresses will be shipped from the manufacturing unit, there are high chances of damaging the mattress you receive from within. 

In-store mattress shopping

  • In-store shopping needs a lot of patience and time, which you cannot afford to waste in the present day.
  • You won’t get a lot of variety if you plan to buy a mattress from the physical stores, whether in the mattress material or the features.
  • Sometimes, the in-store shops do not provide the custom size feature, which is a great disadvantage since most people now wish to have mattresses manufactured to perfection. 


We aren’t saying that buying mattresses online or in-store will be the best for you. It is completely your perspective that will determine whether you should go with the first option or the second one. That’s why to help you out, and we have discussed the benefits and disadvantages of both the purchase options so that you can make a clear and appropriate decision. 


Usually, in most cases, buying mattresses from physical store locations can be costly compared to online products. Therefore, when you choose the online stores, you will get discounts and options for promo codes, coupon codes, and other facilities with which you can get further discounts on the mattress. 

Yes, it is worth buying the orthopaedic mattress from an online store. However, suppose you do not trust the new or non-authorised sellers. In that case, you can buy from amazon fulfilled sellers or order the product directly from the official website. This will reduce the chances of risks, and you will be able to get the benefits of the company’s terms and conditions with ease. 

Yes, you can order a custom-sized mattress when you are ordering online. However, it is only possible when you order from the official website and not any retail store. So, make sure you make the right decision before making the final payment.

Most of the time, there won’t be any differences in quality or any other feature of a particular product when bought in-store and in the online store. However, in some cases, you might get a damaged product or the wrong one while buying from the online store, so you should check the return and replacement policies properly of both the retail shop and the mattress company.

No, not all mattress brands will ship the products to the whole country after receiving an online order. So, before you decide, you should check the brand’s shipping policies and whether any extra cost is involved or not.

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