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Latex Vs Memory Foam Mattress: How To Make The Right Choice

Do you know the experience of a person sleeping on a mattress is based on the bed’s material composition? You might be surprised to know that the materials used will affect the performance factors like conforming ability, durability, odour potential, temperature neutrality, the price point of the bed, and warranty coverage options. 

In this article, we are going to check out the difference between memory foam and latex mattresses. Of course, both latex and memory foam have various similarities, and they do have some great differences.

Just read on to know more about how these mattresses perform in terms of cost, feel, and other necessary product considerations for people purchasing them.

What Is Memory Foam?

Like most foam, memory foam is human-made. It is constructed using polyurethane and additional materials for creating some viscoelastic properties. 

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Here when the pressure is applied to such kind of foam, the mattress will get hugged and contour to such pressures. Here, the response time, which is based on how quickly the mattress changes with pressure, will vary based on certain memory foam kinds. However, generally, memory foam will respond more slowly compared to other foams. 

Most importantly, this foam will take on many kinds of firmness levels and feelings. The major thing you have to remember regarding the memory foams is that all the polyurethane foams are memory foams; however; all the polyurethane foams are not memory foam. 

What Is Latex?

Now the latex is a normal material derived from the rubber tree’s sap. As soon as it is extracted, the sap will undergo the best formulation procedure. This will result in latex, and this will have a comparable consistency to the synthetic foam. 

Latex Mattress

In the latex, two kinds of formulation procedures are used. Here the older Dunlop procedure consists of molding, stirring, and baking the latex. This will easily result in heterogeneous and dense material having the heavier sediment right at the bottom. The lighter material will be present at the top. 

For this reason, you might find the Dunlop latex commonly used in mattress base or support layers. The latest Talalay process will also remove oxygen right from the sap just before it gets frozen and baked. This will result in fluffy and light material having homogeneous consistency. 

Commonly the Talalay latex is often found in the top-most comfort layers of the mattress. Also, the chemical fillers would be used for formulating latex. As a rule, a ‘natural latex’ should have 95% of latex, and this needs to be not more than 5% of chemicals. 

It should contain 30% latex regarding Blended latex, but synthetic latex is extensively derived from chemicals. But only in rare cases, the materials would be certified as 100% latex. 

The latex mattress will contain latex layers typical with Talalay or Dunlop latex present in the comfort layers. Here it will have Dunlop latex as the support core. Here certain kinds of latex mattresses would be created with the latex comfort layers and even with the polyfoam support cores. 

Not only that, some or most of all, such layers would be aerated using small holes for promoting air circulation from the interiors of the bed. This will help in making the mattress cooler and giving good sleep. Furthermore, choosing latex mattress models are created with customized and removable latex layers. 

It becomes easy for owners to get rid of the original layers and replace them with softer or firmer layers, thereby adjusting the thickness and even knowing how the bed feels.

Difference Between Memory And Latex Foam – Pros And Cons

Frankly, every mattress will have certain cons and pros. Here what might be right for you will be based on the sleep position you follow, the sensitive allergies you suffer from, budget, and personal preferences. 

Pros Of Memory Foam

Relief From Pressure

You would be surprised to know that memory foam molds into body shapes. This will relieve the pressure points that are built up. Furthermore, the material conforms besides pressing against the body, thereby alleviating the pain rather than adding to it. 

Motion Isolation

Being the background of the crash material, the memory foam will avoid all kinds of movements’ right from transferring across the bed. People who are kind of restless sleepers sharing a bed might want to try out the memory foam mattress. 


The memory foam has a dense structure. This will naturally resist the collection of dust mites and even other kinds of allergens. There might be certain sleepers that are allergic to natural materials like wool. They can rest properly on the memory foam mattress. 


It is easy to find a memory foam mattress at any price point. There are various top quality foam mattresses you would easily get right at your required budget. 

Cons of Memory Foam Mattress

Heat Retention

Now the memory foam’s density will make it hugely difficult for materials to disperse the body heat. Various manufacturers are addressing such issues, and this is done by adding the cutouts, air channels, and best conductive infusions like gel memory foam. 


Certain memory foam mattresses provide some unpleasant chemical smell. This is commonly called off-gassing. And this happens when the VOCs break down right at room temperature. Here commonly, the scent will disappear within three to eight days. 

Sometimes you might be bothered by the strong smell. In such a case, look for the CertiPUR-US certification. This clearly shows that the mattress contains the lowest amount of VOCs. 

Lack Of Edge Support

The memory foam conforming nature will provide your mattress more weight, especially when you are sitting on the edge. Certain models firm up the sides, which is done by wrapping the perimeters of the mattress with stiff foams. 

Slow Responsiveness

If you check, certain memory foams are very much less responsive compared to others. This is because of the varying formula based on the brand. Here the lower quality foams will take some minute for regaining their shape. So, it will make sleepers feel somewhat stuck in the foam. Higher-quality memory foam will then return to its original form in a matter of seconds. 

Pros Of Latex


Compared to the memory foam, the latex is much bouncier. This will make sleepers feel a bit more right on the top of the mattress. 


Here this would easily vary based on the kind of latex. Commonly, the natural latex mattresses would last for around 15 years. But the blended latex mattress will last for about six years and till ten years. For comparison, the average memory foam mattress would last for around seven years or more. 


Various latex mattresses contain a zipper, and this is along the side. This helps in opening the mattresses and adjusting the feeling. With this, you can easily clean the insides of the bed. This is something that you can’t do with other mattresses types. 


Frankly, the natural latex mattresses are created with little and no amount of added chemicals. This is done by harvesting materials caused by less environmental impact. Also, various latex mattresses brands are using other natural materials like organic cotton and wool. 


If you check, latex is a natural cooling element. Various manufacturers would aerate the foam using added breathability. Various latex mattresses are containing other breathable materials like wool and cotton.

Cons of Latex

Too Much Of Bounce

Here the latex’s responsive springiness you have enjoyed will be sour as soon as you sleep on it. This is particularly when you are sharing a bed. Keep in mind that the latex won’t absorb any motion. However, it won’t prevent the motion transfer, just like how the memory foam does. 

Initial Odor

If you check, a natural latex mattress will be having a strong rubbery smell as and when it is new. Sometimes you might feel like the bed is having an animal-kind of smell like it has wool.


Do you know that latex is the heaviest mattress material? This is because of its huge density. The average queen mattress will weigh around 140 pounds. 

Being Unavailable Most Of Time

It would be surprising to know those latex mattresses aren’t widely available in most of the stores. This is why most of the shoppers get only one from online sellers. Of course, there are few brands selling latex mattresses compared to the brands selling memory foam. But these numbers are increasing. 


Most of the queen-size natural latex mattresses cost a bomb. They won’t match your budget requirements and would go beyond that. 

Deciding The Best Mattress For You

While choosing a good mattress, you must think of the benefits it is going to provide you. If you are on a budget, it is best to choose a memory foam mattress. Sometimes you might be an environmentally conscious person; in that case, go for a natural latex mattress. But if you want a softer mattress, then go with memory foam.

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