Latex Vs Memory Foam Mattress: Which One is Right Choice

Are you thinking of buying a new mattress?

Do you have a doubt about which mattress will be more comfortable?

 If yes, then we have all the information you need. But, like you, it is the question of many. It is mainly because both the mattresses are layered, providing an opportunity for the sleeper to adjust it according to their sleeping posture. Plus, both are incredibly comfortable. 

The difference comes in factors of affordability, durability, weight and retaining body heat. It means where memory foam is more economical; latex is more lasting. Likewise, where memory foam can retain heat, latex is considerably heavy. So, it is better to analyze Latex vs Memory foam mattresses to make an informed decision. 

What Is Latex?

When people ask what a latex mattress means, the answer is quite simple a mattress made of pure natural latex is a latex mattress. It is not a combination of synthetic materials and latex. They are mainly used for providing support to the backbone and release the pressure from the muscles. Also, it can be suitable for all types of posture like sleeping on the back, stomach or side.

Types Of Latex

When we talk about a latex mattress, we usually refer to the following three kinds:

  • 100% natural latex: These are formed for pure natural rubber latex, which is why they are the most sought-after.
  • Natural latex: 85% of pure latex and 15% of synthetic latex are blended in this material. 
  • Pure latex: Here, 80% of synthetic latex and 20% natural latex are used for manufacturing this latex type. 

Benefits Of Latex

People prefer natural Latex mattresses because of their excellent performance, eco-friendliness, and health benefits. All the benefits of Latex mattresses have been explained in detail below:

  • Alleviates pain: It soothes the pain in the back and joints of people caused by lousy mattresses. This particular material is meant to support your body weight and reduce the pressure from the trigger points.  
  • Eco-friendly: As we discussed earlier, natural latex is extracted from the sap of rubber trees. As a result, no harm to the trees was done. The trees can produce sap for as long as 30 years. This means the process of creating latex mattress adds to tree growth and help them sustain. Also, natural latex is non-biodegradable, and hence best for the environment.  
  • Durable: One of the most amazing facts about natural latex mattresses is their performance. They can offer an average lifespan of twelve to twenty years.

What Is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is a type of mattress, the basic kind of polyurethane or Polymer. People use the material when building their sofas, car seats, mattresses, and spray foam. In addition, it is a trendy type of material with high density and durability. Another thing by which it is recognized includes excellent support and extensive pressure relief. Also, they last better than a spring mattress

Types Of Memory Foam

You can categorize memory foam into three common types. These are explained in detail below:

  • Traditional: Only one memory foam was introduced at the initial stage, which is now called traditional memory foam. It changes its shape according to your body alignment and gives you a feel of being hugged while you sleep. However, the people felt hot sleeping like this, so the brand took a step to improve the experience by staying cool. 
  • Open-cell: To reduce the heat produced in the traditional mattress, an open-cell foam was introduced to help people stay cool. For this, they installed small pockets of airflow in the mattress. The hole made sure the mattress did not become dense, but the quality of the mattress did not stand out. 
  • Gel: Another type of foam invented by the company was the one that contained gel. The gel helps the mattress remain cool even when the temperature of your body rises while you sleep. There are mainly two types of gel installed in the mattress. First is a heat-absorbing gel and the other phase-changing material.

Benefits Of Memory Foam

Memory foam features a lot of benefits that make them stand firm in the competitive market. They are as follows:

  • Pressure distribution: A memory foam can distribute your body weight evenly throughout the surface. As a result, aches and pain gets removed. 
  • Removes the urge of movement: Another unique thing about memory foam is contouring the body and removing the urge to toss or turn your partner, giving you a peaceful sleep. 
  • Dust resistant: The mattress contains a visco-elastic structure that keeps the dust mites away. Also, it reduces the chance of allergy.

Difference Between Latex Vs Memory Foam

ParametersLatex Memory Foam
Conformability and ContouringComparatively lessBetter
Motion IsolationComparatively lessBetter
Temperature RegulationLessBetter
Edge SupportBetterComparatively less
DurabilityBetterComparatively less
  • Comfortability and contouring: The mattress can mould itself into the shape of the sleeper and align its body to relieve pain. Memory foam mattresses have high conformity whereas, in latex mattresses, it is comparatively less, so the former can be considered the best choice for treating body pain. 
  • Motion Isolation: Motion Isolation is a fantastic feature added to the foam in which the mattress can absorb the movement made by one sleeping partner, so the other one does not get disturbed. As a result, you can get a peaceful sleep. Likewise, memory foam can reduce the transfer of motion, thereby helping you to sleep comfortably. But when it comes to latex, it is only possible it is paired with the Bonnel spring coils.
  • Hypoallergenic: It is a normal condition where the mattress congregates dust mites, dust and other allergens. But the mattresses that contain Hypoallergenic features can resist these situations. Both memory foam and latex can prevent allergies from breaking out in your skin.
  • Temperature Regulation: Many mattresses absorb body heat that is generated while a person is sleeping. However, particular mattresses offer a temperature regulation solution, so you do not get overheated or uncomfortable at night.

    For example, suppose the memory mattress is infused with cooling gel technology. In that case, it will absorb your body temperature and keep you cool throughout. However, for latex, such a cooling mechanism is not possible. It can maintain the temperature only by controlling the airflow. 
  • Edge Support: It is a natural habit of people to sit at the edge of the bed. As a result, the bed undergoes premature breakdown. On the contrary, some mattresses add more density on their edges to overcome the problem, also known as edge support.

    For example, latex has better edge support than memory foam, so it doesn’t suffer from premature sagging
  • Responsiveness: Responsiveness is a measure that tells how much bouncy the mattress is. It can be both a weakness and a strength. If a mattress is too responsive, the partner may get disturbed when the other one moves. However, both the latex and memory foam can be equally responsive towards the compressive forces incident from above. 
  • Durability: The average years up to which a mattress generally last includes 6 to 7 years. So, if the mattress you choose has more than the average durability, it can give you a more significant advantage.

    For example, latex has more durability in comparison to memory foam.

Strength And Weakness Of Latex Mattress

It is a common question customers ask before buying the all-natural latex mattress. The strength and weaknesses of the mattress are mentioned below:


  • Supremely comfortable: All-natural latex mattress delivers super comfort to those who sleep on it. And These natural latex mattress helps people get rid of the back and joint pain they have been building for so long.
  • Natural Spine alignment: Sleeping on the natural latex also help gain back the natural spine alignment, which was initially disturbed by a lousy mattress. 
  • Allergen-free: As a latex mattress is significantly proofed against dust and mould, it avoids any chance of generating allergens. 
  • Longevity: Latex mattresses are the most durable mattress in the market. They last longer and does not lose their shape for a long time. 


  • Heavy: To be honest, latex is heavier in comparison to other materials. Thus, it requires more strength to move it. 
  • Cost: Another weakness of the mattress is that it is expensive than a regular spring coil mattress. 

Strength And Weakness Of Memory Foam

Before choosing the memory foam mattress, it is imperative to know its strengths and weakness for an informed decision. They are:


  • Uses body heat: One of the great strengths of the mattress is it uses your body heat to form the perfect alignment of your body. 
  • Alleviates pain: If you have arthritis or joint pain in the body, it is an excellent choice to choose memory foam. It helps release the pain from pressure spots. 
  • Anti-allergic: It is a solution for every kind of allergy, whether of dust mite or others. 


  • Heavy: The density that it contains is both a strength and a weakness. Because of its density, it becomes challenging to move it by one person. 
  • Hot: Another weakness of the product is that it sometimes retains too much body heat, making you uncomfortable and overheated.


It is always advisable to get a memory foam of 10 to 14-inch thick. It gives comparatively better performance and usually lasts up to ten to fifteen years.

Suppose you are suffering from chronic pain; you should buy a latex mattress. It’s mainly because the mattress mentioned above has body cradling properties and also the advantage of cushioned support. 

No, memory foam is made from polyurethane, whereas natural rubber is used as the raw ingredient in latex foam. 

Yes, latex mattresses are incredibly cool to sleep on because of the air circulation feature added to the mattress. In addition, the pores help the mattress remain cool and prevents overheating.

Yes, memory foam is slightly hotter than the natural latex mattress because of the density. However, it often gives those suffering from pain as the heat retained in the mattress helps them keep themselves warm and reduce pain.

It is noticed that latex mattresses soften up to 15 to 20 per cent over ten years. Also, another interesting fact about it is it usually soften rapidly during the first beginning years. 

According to the finding, the memory foam gives an average performance of 8 to 10 years. However, it will also depend on how well you are maintaining. 

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