Dreamzee Vs Wakefit – Which Is The Best Brand To Buy?

Are you looking forward to having a natural latex mattress for yourself? 

Do you want to enjoy the two surfaces of a dual comfort mattress?

If yes, you are definitely at the right place because, in this forthcoming article, we will present to you the top two brands- Wakefit and Dreamzee- that have become one of the most trusted companies in the market. We have added a long section of their special features to familiarise you with their similarities and differences. 

1. Similarities and Differences: Dreamzee Vs Wakefit?



  • Dreamzee doesn’t come with a trial period. 
  • Wakefit provides a warranty of up to 10 years, but Dreamzee’s full warranty is for 12 hours. 
  • The mattresses from Dreamzee are eco-friendly and organic. 

2. Firmness And Feel Differences


  • Dreamzee has medium-firm to firm mattresses since the main component used in manufacturing their collections is latex. Latex has bounciness, but conformity is much below memory foam. That’s why most of the Dreamzee mattresses come with firmness ranging between 5.5 to 7.5. 


  • Wakefit has soft to firm mattresses, with the overall firmness value ranging between 4 to 8. It will depend on the product you are choosing. As for the Wakefit Dual Comfort mattress, you can enjoy both surfaces with different firmness values- medium-firm and firm. 

3. Mattress Construction Differences


  • The Dreamzee mattresses are mainly made from latex and memory foam that forms the comfort layer. As for the support layer, HR foam, high-density foam, and rebonded foam. 


  • In the Wakefit mattresses, memory foam and HR foam form the main material categories used for constructing the products. 

4. Dreamzee Vs Wakefit Performance Differences

Temperature regulationMediumHigh 
Motion transferHigh High
Edge supportAbsent Absent
Noise NoNo
  • Temperature Regulation– Another important feature based on which Dreamzee and Wakefit can be judged temperature regulating property. Usually, regular mattresses can control the surface heat by maintaining a top-level air circulation process. However, Dreamzee is providing you with gel-infused micro cooling technology in their products. As a result, you won’t feel uncomfortable anymore. 
  • Motion Transfer– The memory foam mattresses from Wakefit and spring mattresses from Dreamzee are capable enough to restrict the transfer of motion from one point to the other. However, suppose you are choosing another product. In that case, the level of motion transfer will increase based on the materials used in constructing a said product. 
  • Edge Support– Edge support is somewhat absent from the mattresses belonging to these brands. But the layers have enough thickness and firmness to prevent sagging of the edges or the formation of localized depressions that aren’t covered under the warranty policies.
  • Durability– One of the best things about the mattresses from Wakefit and Dreamzee is their high durability. Thanks to the wise choice of raw materials and dedicated construction, the products last for a long time. 
  • Noise– None of the products from Dreamzee and Wakefit make noises or sounds when you are sleeping, tossing, and twisting on the bed. So, your sleep won’t get disturbed throughout the whole night. 

5. Mattress Policies

  • Shipping– Both the brands make sure to keep no shipping charges. All the deliveries will be done without any fee, provided the chosen brand delivers to your location. Dreamzee serves pan India, and hence, you won’t have to worry about your location. However, Wakefit has limited delivery points at present. 
  • Trial period– Dreamzee doesn’t offer any trial period, which is why you have to make the decision carefully and not in haste. As for the Wakefit brand, their four mattresses have a trial period of 100 nights. Hence, if anything goes wrong, you can ask for a return and get 100% money back. 
  • Returns– Both the brands have set specific rules for raising a return request. If you receive a damaged product or if it doesn’t match the website’s specifications, you can raise the request. But if your mattress has suffered damage due to improper use or not following the manufacturer’s instruction, your request will get cancelled.
  • Warranty– For Wakefit, Orthopedic memory foam mattresses, 7-zone latex mattresses, and foam spring mattresses come with a warranty period of 10 years. On the other hand, the Dual Comfort mattress has a 7-year warranty period. 

    As for the Dreamzee, Tavasya and Vilasa from the Natural range, the warranty period is 12 years. If you have chosen Elevate and Lush from the Hybrid range, you will get a warranty of 7 years. 5 years of warranty have been dedicated to the three variants of the Ortho Care mattress. 

6. Dreamzee Vs Wakefit — Which is better?

It isn’t very clear when it comes down to choosing whether the Dreamzee mattresses are better or the ones from Wakefit. That’s why we have listed down a few comparisons only to help you start the search. 

  • For sleeping on a natural bed made from organic materials, like latex, you should go with Dreamzee.
  • If you are concerned about the price, Wakefit will be the best option. 

7. Who Should Buy Dreamzee? And Who Should Buy Wakefit?

  • Dreamzee– If you want to enjoy nature’s wonders, Dreamzee will be the best option. All three collections- Natural, Hybrid, and Eco- have latex as the major element. This material is obtained from natural rubber trees and won’t cause you any allergy. Furthermore, the company is offering mattresses with orthopaedic comfort, hotel-style comfort, and poshness.
  • Wakefit– If you are looking for cheap but high-quality mattresses, Wakefit will be the best solution. The products are way cheaper than other brands, but they also have a lot of unique benefits that other brands barely offer. For example, Wakefit mattresses have removable zippers not present in most mattresses you can find in the market. 

8. FAQs

If you are looking for a new Dreamzee mattress to help you get appropriate relief from back pain, we would say to go with the Vilasa or Tavasya mattresses. These products will reduce soreness in the back muscles and help you sleep comfortably. But suppose you are looking for a mattress having an orthopaedic mattress. In that case, you should go with the Ortho Back or the Elevate mattresses. 

Yes, Dreamzee is offering the option of customizing their mattresses according to your needs. Hence, if you have an odd-looking bed or its dimensions are not the same as the standard measurements, you can order a custom-sized mattress with ease. 

Both the Dreamzee and Wakefit mattresses come with wonderful warranty policies. Moreover, as only the best quality materials have been used in the construction, the products will serve you for a long time. However, you should make sure that you are handling the mattresses with care to avoid intentional damage.

Wakefit’s main aim is to provide the best sleeping solution but at an affordable price rate. Hence, you might get baffled by seeing how cheap their memory foam mattress is. But don’t worry, as the product has an optimal quality that everyone is going to love. 

Wakefit mattresses are equipped with breathable, soothing, and comfortable covers at the top. That’s why there won’t be any occasion of complaining about the quality of the mattresses. 

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