Bonnell Spring Vs Pocket Spring – Difference

Do you love spring mattresses? 

If yes, are you aware of the two different spring construction types used in manufacturing the mattresses? 

Well, if you aren’t aware, there is nothing to get worried about. The forthcoming article will discuss everything about the two types of springs: Bonnell spring VS pocket spring

Here, we will be presenting you the benefits of each spring construction, and it will include a differential study for your better understanding. This way, you will be able to decide whether you need a Bonnell spring mattress or the Pocket spring mattress. 

1. What Is Bonnell Spring? 

In the Bonnell spring mattress, the coils are interconnected, and they move together. Therefore, no separate pockets are present for enclosing the individual coils. 

1.1 Benefits of Bonnell spring

  1. These mattresses are more durable as the springs are interconnected with each other. Hence, the compressive forces from above get distributed, ensuring a longer lifetime. 
  2. Bonnell springs are not covered with any pocket membrane. Hence, the air circulation is better through the coils, which keeps the surfaces cool. 
  3. With this spring arrangement, there will be no question of uneven sagging of the mattress, which might cause more damage to your skeletal structure. 
  4. Lastly, Bonnell spring mattresses are cheaper as compared to pocket springs. As a result, most people usually prefer to have this spring construction type. 

2. What Is Pocket Spring? 

An individual pocket surrounds each coil; there is no connection between the adjacent coils. Hence, compression and relaxation of the coils occur independently. 

2.1 Benefits of Pocket spring

  1. With a pocket spring mattress, your sleep won’t get disturbed due to your partner’s movements. When the force is applied from above, only those springs are compressed which are in contact with the line of forces. Hence, no motion will be there in the surrounding springs. 
  2. The firmness level of the pocket spring mattresses is usually high due to the springs’ high tension. This will help in easing your back pain and other health issues. 
  3. Due to individual compression and relaxation of the coils, you will get relief from the pressure developing in the trigger points on your body. 
  4. The pocket spring mattresses have a high elasticity coefficient. For this, they can tolerate the bodyweight of any sleeper, irrespective of the sleep position.

3. Difference: Bonnell Spring Vs Pocket Spring

Attribute Bonnell springPocket spring 
Spring shapeInterconnected coilsIndividual pocketed coils 
SoftnessSoft only when a foam layer is addedSofter than Bonnell Spring 
FirmnessDepends on the spring number Depends on the spring number
Hypoallergenic NA NA
Odour No bad smell No bad smell 
Edge support YesYes
Bounce NAYes 
  • Spring shape: Bonnel spring coils are interconnected with each other. That’s why they move together when compressive forces are applied from above. However, on the other hand, the pocket springs have individual coils wrapped in a pocket. 
  • Softness: If the mattress only has a spring layer with a thick felt or foam layer covering both the lower and upper surfaces, you can’t rate the product as soft. But if the spring layer is covered with a soft PU foam or memory foam, you will be able to enjoy the plushness of the mattress. 
  • Cooling: Both Bonnell and pocket spring mattresses allow ventilation due to the hollow circular shape of the coils. However, the air circulation won’t keep the surface cool throughout the day as they don’t have any special cooing technology.
  • Firmness: The firmness of the spring mattresses depends on the number of springs. For example, if the product has 100 spring coils compared to a mattress with 80 springs, the former product will have more firmness. 
  • Hypoallergenic: Both Bonnell and Pocket springs have nothing to do with the hypoallergenic feature of the mattresses. But if a top foam layer is added to the mattress, you won’t have to worry about getting rashes and other skin problems. 
  • Odour: The spring mattresses do not emanate any odour or bad smell. However, suppose the springs are protected by felt material. In that case, you might get a different smell that comes from the polymer felt. 
  • Edge support: Both the pocket and Bonnell spring mattresses come with high edge support. As the springs quickly return to the original shape once the compressive forces are released, the edge support feature will help maintain the shape of the mattress.
  • Bounce: Pocket springs have greater bounce as compared to the Bonell springs. It’s mainly because the compression force being applied from the above gets distributed radially in the Bonnell mattresses, which is why the rebound factor is less. 

4. Strength and weakness of Bonnell spring 


  • Has longer spring life due to improved elasticity 
  • Comes at affordable price rates which is suitable for all 
  • You can find it in abundance in the market


  • Transfers the motion of a sleeper to the surrounding areas as the springs are interconnected 
  • They are much heavier as compared to the pocket spring mattresses

5. Strength and weakness of Pocket spring 


  • Does not transfer the motion of another sleeper to the surrounding areas 
  • It is a better choice for relieving back pain and aching muscles 
  • Applies the right amount of pressure on the trigger points present along the spine


  • Can lose the elasticity faster as compared to the Bonnell springs 
  • The sagging of the mattress is not even throughout the surface

6. Which is better? Bonnell spring or a Pocket spring mattress?

This is one of the most speculative matters about the two spring mattress types. Bonnell springs are suitable for normal use if you want bounciness or are allergic to foam or other materials. But, the pocket spring mattresses are far better. As the individual coils are wrapped in separate compartments, there will be no motion transfer or squeaking noise coming out of the mattress. 

7. FAQs

  1. How long does a pocket spring mattress last?

    The longevity of the pocket springs will depend on the elasticity of the coils. As long as the coils are springing back to their original shape after removing compression force, your mattress is in good shape. But once the coils lose their elasticity, you will either have to worry about buying a new product or repairing the damage. 

  2. Is a pocket spring mattress good for back pain? 

    For alleviating back pain, both occasional and chronic, the pocket spring mattresses are the best. Since the individual coils are wrapped around separate pockets, they will effectively counterbalance your body weight. Hence, you will start feeling better as days will pass after sleeping on the pocket spring mattress. 

  3. Does the number of springs in a mattress matter? 

    Yes, the number of springs matter a lot. Based on this number, the density of the mattress will change. Also, the higher the number of springs, the more will be the bounciness. In addition, more springs will also help put the right amount of pressure on the body’s trigger points. 

  4. Is a Bonnell spring mattress good for back pain?

    Bonnell springs are good for back pains but only for those suffering from aches and sprains due to sitting for long hours in the same posture. Also, if someone is suffering from chronic spine problems or orthopaedic issues, the Bonnell spring wouldn’t be a good idea. 

  5. Are spring mattresses cooler than memory foam? 

    Memory foam is cooler only when micro gel molecules are infused within the foam pockets. But, if we consider the spring mattresses with no such special cooling technology, they are less efficient in cooling the surfaces. 

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