Top 10 Best Foldable Mattress In India 2021

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2020)

The Foldable Bed Mattresses are convenient to use and also the best choice. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly foldable mattress, this article is for you. To help you pick the right foldable mattress for a super relaxed sleep.

Here is the list of best foldable mattresses in India.

1. Coirfit Sleep SPA GenX Three Fold Reversible Single 4 Inch PU Foam Roll Packed Mattress 

The Coirfit mattress comprises a 4-inch thick block of ISO certified high-density PU foam that makes it comfortable for regular use, one of the ideal Folding Mattress. The use of premium quality knitted fabric with beautiful beige patterns gives mattress smoothness, giving an anti-slip bottom.  

This mattress is highly portable. This mattress comes with HERB FRESH technology that avoids entering germs, bacteria, dust mites, and viruses to its surface. It offers you hygiene and a safer mattress. This all increases its durability.


Super quick installation 

This mattress is easy to install; open the box, remove all the layers, and lay over the bed or floor. This mattress is safe from bacteria and viruses, as these are with packed hygiene.


This foam mattress can be used in three different ways and comes with multiple sizes. The foldable mattress is easy to carry, and it gives good support to your spine and joints while maintaining the correct posture throughout the night. The three different ways that this foldable mattress can be used as a sleeping bed, lounge, and coffee table, etc.


This foldable mattress can be foldable and used whenever it needs this doesn’t require any fixed home space. This feature makes this mattress travel friendly. This is lightweight and easily moveable. The Coirfit mattress comprises premium quality knitted fabric that increases the mattress durability and provides a smooth and comfortable sleep experience.

Hygienic Choice 

The use of HERB FRESH technology prevents the entering of dust mites, bacteria, and viruses to its mattress surface. This mattress is very hygienic and safe to use.


Premium quality knitted fabrics
lightweight and easy to carry


Not suitable for the soft foam preferred sleepers.

2. Story@Home 4-inch Single Size Foam Mattress 

Story@home 4-inch single size foldable mattress is a pocket friendly and comes with splendid features. This mattress is made up of handpicked premium foam and is suitable for medium-soft preferred sleepers. The mattress gives a comfortable sleeping experience. 

The mattress’s top layer is made up of polyester fabric that gives a smooth feel to your mattress. This lightweight and a soft mattress is highly portable and is the best choice for traveling as it is easy to install and can be moved anywhere. The foldable mattress provides good support to your joints and helps to improve the spine alignment.



This mattress is highly portable, and this a travel-friendly product. And can easily be moved anywhere with an easy installation method.

Better sleep quality 

The top layer is loaded with polyester fabric that gives your mattress smoothness and increases sleep quality.


The story@home foldable mattress has so many features that too within a pocket-friendly price.


Good quality materials and compact
Travel friendly


Skid base mattress

3. Sleepinns 45MM Three Fold Single Size Foam Mattresses 

The SATCAP India foldable mattress is highly durable and provides good support to the sleepers throughout the night. Also, this mattress is so easy to install.

The materials used are free from chemicals. This mattress comes with premium quality Zipp cover and easy removal for any spot cleaning. This is made using a waterproof EPE sheet. The various remarkable feature makes this product makes it more selectable



No harmful chemical is used. Thus, make it more hygienic and safer to use.

Sturdy cover

This mattress is equipped with an easily washable zipper cover. This is made using water-resistant EPE sheets. And this avoids spotting on the mattress.

Compact single bed 

 This mattress dimension is 75 inches x 32 inches 40MM, and its best use for the single beds.


Equipped zipper cover


Hard firm mattress

4. Lucid Twin Size Folding Mattress 

Lucid twin size folding mattress is an easily foldable mattress. This super lightweight mattress comes with easily fitted handles for easy transportations. This mattress can be used as a sofa. The use of high-density foam makes this mattress softer, and it also ensures your comfort. 

The portable trifold mattress is travel-friendly, and it comes with a removable washing covers. The outer zipped cover can be easily removed and washed. This mattress is environment friendly as the foam used in this product is CertiPUR-US, which means independently treated for material use.



You can wash it off hassle-free. The outer zip cover of the mattress is easily removed and washed.

Tri-fold mattress

The tri-fold mattress is easily foldable and can be used as a sofa. This mattress in a travel friendly and easy to carry

High density

The high-density foam gives good support to your back. The studies show that high-density foam can reduce the backache problem and provide comfort to you back and restful sleep.


High-density foam
Easily washable covers


It loses its firmness after a couple of days

5. Springtek 3 Folding/Travel Mattress 

The Springtek tri-fold mattress provides a great sleep experience. This mattress is best for temporary sleep accommodation. It is easy to fold. This mattress comprises premium knitted ultra soft covers with an anti-skid base mattress that helps position the mattress in its correct place and avoids the unnecessary shifting of the mattress due to frequent turning and tossing.


Ready to use 

This mattress can be easily unfolded and doesn’t require any man’s work. This mattress is best for temporary sleep accommodations, and this is highly portable and travel friendly.

Anti-skid base bottom

The anti-skid base bottom helps the mattress be positioned in its place and helps avoid shifting the mattress because of frequent turning and tossing.  


This mattress comes with the premium knitted ultra softcover. This gives the mattress a smooth feel and a comfortable sleep experience for sleepers.


Premium knitted ultra soft covers
Anti-skid base mattress


Hard mattress

6. Springtek Rollaway Folding Bed 

Springtek rollaway folding mattress comes with dual locking caster wheels that help you to move the mattress easily. It locks the mattress in one place. The installation of this mattress is very simple. This mattress is made up of hardened cold-rolled iron covers with an epoxy coating that helps prevent corrosion. This mattress is highly portable and travels friendly.



This mattress can be rolled back after using, and this is easily adjustable to your closet, by occupying very little space. This folding bed mattress is included with a medium feel six thick mattresses that provide good comfort to the sleepers


This mattress is highly portable and best for the travel or extra bed for guests at homes.

Load capacity

The load capacity of this mattress is very good. It can load up to 150 kg, and it is made up of pure iron with epoxy coating to prevent corrosion.


Good load capacity
360-degree movable wheels
Less space area


Alignment of wheel

7. Sugandha Single Bed Folding Pure EPE Foam Mattress   

Sugandha single bed folding mattress is available in multi colors, which gives a more elegant look to your mattress. This is easy to use and easily movable as this is a lightweight mattress. It is highly durable, and it uses EPE foam that gives a smooth feel and amazing sleeping experience for sleepers. It is also the best folding bed. 


1. Travel friendly

 This mattress is easy to carry and very simple to use as these are lightweight, and this feature increases its usability.

2. Comfort

This mattress helps to provide support to your joints and helps to improve the spine alignment. This mattress is best for the hard firmed sleepers.

3. Elegant look

You can choose from a wide array of color options. This feature helps to improve your mattress look.


Available in multi colors
Travel friendly


Not for the soft foam preferred sleepers

8. Loop® Linens 3-Fold Foldable EPE Foam Yoga Mat Cum Single Bed Mattress 

This mattress is not only used as a mattress, but it can also be used as a yoga mat. If you are searching for a yoga mat that is flat and hard enough to exercise, then this mattress is perfect for you. The inner sheets of this mattress are waterproof. 

This mattress is two in one, as this mattress can be used as a mat for floor exercise and sleeping. This foldable mattress is best for the soft foam preferred sleepers as this mattress is too soft. It helps to provide sleepers a restful sleep. This is also one of the ideal bed Mattresses, which is made up of high-quality EPE foam sheets. And are so easy to carry


Anti-skid yoga mat

 This can be used as a yoga mat as it is hard enough to use as a yoga mat, and the anti-skid features allow it from slipping.


This mattress is made up of high-quality EPE foam sheets, and the inner sheet is waterproof that helps avoid any stain in the mattress. The mattress is easily foldable and best for outdoor use.


Twin feature (yoga mat and mattress)
Use of high-quality EPE foam sheets


No visible limitations

9. CHILLI BILLI Soft Top to Bottom Foldable Pu EPE Foam Bed Mattress 

This mattress comprises high-quality EPE foam material that provides comfortable and relaxed sleep after the whole day’s hectic schedule. It helps to improve the posture and support your joints during the sleep.

This mattress is highly durable and lightweight, which makes this product easy for carrying. This mattress is available in a wide range of colors, and the cover of this mattress is made of premium fabrics to enhance the look and comfort of the sleepers. It is also the Best Foldable Mattress in India. 


Premium material 

This mattress is made up of premium EPE foam sheets that make you relaxed and gives a comfortable sleep experience. The cover of the mattress is made of premium fabrics that help you to give complete support

Easy carrying

This folding mattress is lightweight and easy to carry. This mattress gives you twin features. First, it can be used as a mat for floor exercise, and another one is that it can be used as a mattress for a comfortable sleep. This makes it the Best Folding Mattress in India. 


This mattress is easily foldable after its usage. And it requires less space in your closet to maintain its quality keep away from direct sunlight.


Multiple colors options
premium quality materials without any harmful chemicals


The cover is not removable

10. SATCAP INDIA™ 40MM Three Fold Single Size EPE Foam Mattresses  

This mattress helps you to provide comfortable and relaxed sleep after a whole day’s hectic schedule. The mattress provides you good support to your joints and improves the spine alignment during the sleep. The cover of mattresses is made of polycotton, which gives a smooth feel to your mattress. This mattress is lightweight and best for sleeping and the floor exercise. You can fold after the usage. 



The mattress cover is made of polycotton that gives a smooth feel to your mattress. This mattress provides good support to your body throughout the night.


This mattress is lightweight and can ideally be used for floor exercise, traveling, and sleeping. This mattress is highly durable as it is made of superior quality material that helps the mattress provide complete support.


Portable and space-saving
Superior quality materials


High firmness 


The below mentioned foldable mattresses are ideal choices if you have a limited budget. You are assured of getting a comfortable sleep, and the same mattress can be used in multiple ways.

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