If you feel constant pain around the neck while you sleep, the cervical pillow can be your saviour. It provides an extra layer of support to your neck region, so you feel fresh and energetic when you rise in the morning. Here you will find a list of the best pillows for your cervical neck pain. They are guaranteed to provide you relief but make sure to read the reviews for the best purchase. 

Top 7 Best Cervical Pillow In India For Neck Pain

1. TYNOR Cervical Pillow

7 Best Cervical Pillow In India To Relieve Neck Pain 1

Tynor is the best brand in the memory foam pillow category. Also, one of the best options to opt for alleviating neck problems. It is specifically designed to relieve people of their cervical pain. Thus, it is perfect for those suffering from stiff neck and back pain.

Some of the instances also show that TYNOR cervical pillow also helps people in stopping snores. It is made up of high-quality PU foam to provide a comfortable, firm, and soft support to the neck and the head.

Plus, it comes in a universal size, so it’s fit for almost everyone. One of the amazing things about the product is that it comes with a removable cover. So, you can easily clean it whenever you like. Now speaking of the fabric, it is very soft, which again adds to the comfort. 

Another excellent thing about the product is that it is anatomical shaped and moulded with optimal density. As a result, the pillow’s density is also good, giving appropriate support to the neck.

In addition, the pillow has very good resilience and long durability, so you don’t have to think about buying a new one for a long time. Further, the pillow is ergonomic and helpful in relieving stress and strain from the neck.

It is suitable for both short and long-neck individuals. Lastly, the look of the cushion is also attractive and is available at an affordable price. So, you can buy it without worrying about the price.

Things we like:

  • Highly comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Optimal density
  • High-quality PU foam material

2. HealthSense Soft-Spot CP 30 Cervical Pillow

7 Best Cervical Pillow In India To Relieve Neck Pain 2

Health sense Soft-Spot CP 30 Cervical pillow is another pillow dedicated to providing every human with a better night’s sleep on a comfortable pillow. It understands your need thus offers you a well-rested and pain-free sleep.

Moreover, the pillow has a slow rebound memory foam shape, i.e., a high and low sleep setting to suit any way of sleeping. So, you can be assured the pillow will align your cervical curve according to your head and upper lumbar region without hurting the spine.

Thus, when you sleep straight, use the low pillow area and when you sleep sidewise, use the high area. Another amazing fact about the product is that it helps align the spinal area uniformly, relieving you of cervical pain, snoring, headache, and any other pain.

In addition, the pillow of the product is covered in polyester fabric and zipped bamboo, which is breathable and washable. Also, it is mite-resistant and hypoallergenic, so you don’t suffer from any kind.

Here being hypoallergenic means the cervical pillow is made of certified environmental dynamic foam. Further, it does not contain any toxins and is covered with breathable fabric. So, you can easily wash and clean it. 

The pillow also offers an ergonomic design which means it is specially designed for the human body to perfectly fit the cervical curve and provide appropriate support to the spine. It helps relax the muscle and alleviate pain from it.

Also, it is made of slow rebound, thus offering high-density foam for long life. So, if you are looking for an all in one solution, this might be the product for you.

Things we like:

  • Bamboo outer cover
  • Adjustable height
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ergonomic design

3. Zoliva Cervical Pillow

7 Best Cervical Pillow In India To Relieve Neck Pain 3

If you desire a pillow to address all your problems, go for a Zoliva Cervical pillow. It helps relax your muscles, reduce tension from your muscle, alleviate you from snoring, and relieve pain.

The pillow is shaped uniquely and helpfully to take the load off your neck and head and keep the airway open. So, you have your head in line with your body while you are sleeping. Thus, when you rise and shine from a deep sleep, you get a painless experience.

So, one can say memory foam is the best solution anyone can get for avoiding morning stiffness. You can easily use different layers as per your need. Plus, it gives you a comfortable sleep at night because of its hypoallergenic features.

It means the pillow does not contain any irritants or dust mites. Moreover, the pillow offers long durability and does not sag up because of the firm shape of the pillow. So, you can contemplate it to remain in good condition for months.

Another amazing thing about the product is its zero-pressure relief feature with a temperature-sensitive high-density foam facility. In other words, the cervical pillow is made from memory foam with pressure alleviating qualities to reduce your pain and stiffness.

Further, the pillow contains three sleeping layers that you can adjust by either taking out the middle layer or adding it according to your sleeping style. Lastly, it has an eco-friendly washable pillowcase, so if your pillow starts to smell, you can easily wash it.

Things we like:

  • Eco-friendly washable pillow
  • 3-layer pillow
  • Hypoallergenic
  • All-in-one solution

4. Proliva Contour Memory Foam Pillow

7 Best Cervical Pillow In India To Relieve Neck Pain 4

Proliva Pillow is another product that you can consider for the cervical issue. It has a very unique and ergonomic design that also helps people with their snoring, migraine, neck issues, and other problems along with cervical issues.

The product is made up of memory foam material, giving you a pain-free experience. Also, the contoured design of the product exquisitely cradles and aligns the head following the neck and the spine. 

So, one can say the product is perfectly designed for those who sleep on their back and sides but develop pain somehow. Further, because of its perfect alignment, there is enough space for the user to breathe, helping them stop their snoring problem.

Another great thing about the product is that because of its orthopaedic memory foam, and it is very easy to mould it according to the shape of your head. Plus, its tendency to hold its shape makes it durable and adjustable to different heads. 

In addition, it comes with two heights. Therefore, you can adjust it accordingly when you are sleeping on the back or sides. Now talking about the outer cover, it is made up of breathable fabric that allows airflow.

So, while you sleep, you do not sweat much, keeping the temperature cool. Moreover, it is also free from any dust mites or other allergies. Proliva pillows come with a zippered outer cover, too, so you can wash them anytime you want. Plus, the pillow is quite spacious in size, allowing people to move around in their sleep.

Things we like:

  • Adjustable height
  • Zippered outer cover
  • Contoured design
  • Ergonomic

5. The White Willow Cervical Pillow

7 Best Cervical Pillow In India To Relieve Neck Pain 5

The White Willow Pillow is a product that you can opt for if you need a cooler impact on your neck while sleeping. It consists of cooling gel memory foam which enhances the cooler comfort and helps you to sleep better.

The gel reacts with the ventilated memory foam to give a cooling effect to your neck, which refreshes your sleeping experience. With the help of the White Willow Cervical Cooling Gel-infused Pillow, you can get a deep and comfortable sleep throughout the night and wake up rejuvenated and happy.

It is said that your head releases more heat as compared to other parts of your body. Hence, this is the product to relax your head at night and sleep peacefully during summer. The White Willow Cervical Pillow has a unique shape that can hold the neck and the head so that it distributes the weight evenly.

In addition, the Contour Orthopedic Ergonomic design of the pillow reduces back pain and neck pain. It is also responsible for alleviating the stiffness of your shoulder and promotes perfect spine alignment.

The product is tested, and various checks have been done for its quality and durability. The pillows are not only safe to use but also are made up of eco-friendly materials. These are hypoallergenic pillows that are developed with various standard sizes.

You can opt for any size according to your level of comfort. The pillows are suitable for all kinds of sleeping positions.

Things we like:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Zippered outer cover

6. JSB BS52 Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain

7 Best Cervical Pillow In India To Relieve Neck Pain 6

If you are looking for a pillow that can maintain the posture of your spine, choose the JSB Cervical Pillow, which is designed in a special way to counter the pain and stress associated with your cervix.

Cervical stiffness occurs due to following an incorrect posture of the neck for a very long time. The product has a contoured neck design that ensures that most people enjoy a backward bent position while sleeping.

This Cervical Pillow is shaped B especially designed to bring accurate spine alignment. Using this pillow can give you relief from cervical spine problems as well. The height of the pillow can be adjusted depending upon the requirements of the users.

In addition, the pillow uses memory foam to keep the neck in a position that will not only relieve you from stress but also cure you of cervical problems while you are asleep.

Another important benefit of the JSB Cervical pillow for which most people would prefer to buy this product is that it prevents snoring. Hence, if you want to stop your snoring habit, use this pillow daily.

It not only promotes better sleep but also resolves the various problems related to sleep disorders. The zippered cover of the pillow helps to keep it free from dirt. You can easily wash the cotton cover whenever you want and make it look clean and tidy. Also, make sure that you wash only the cover and not the pillow. 

Things we like:

  • Removable and washable cover
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable heights
  • Prevents from snoring

7. MOJOREST Memory Foam Pillow

7 Best Cervical Pillow In India To Relieve Neck Pain 7

 If you are looking for a pillow that will provide you with a proper balance of support and comfort, opt for the MOJOREST Memory Foam Pillow. Its ultra-supportive memory foam pillow offers a perfect balance of night’s sleep and comfort.

The fresh foam pillow provides you with the experience of comfortable sleep every night with a material that can easily adapt to your neck, shoulders, as well as your head.

The Ergonomic design of the pillow is responsible for promoting relaxation of muscles and eliminating neck, back, and shoulder pain. The inner cover comprises hypoallergenic and dust-proof material, which expands the memory foam’s life.

In addition, the quality of the foam is tested and made in such a way that it can align the weight of your neck and head. This alignment helps in reducing stress and stiffness, which makes your body and mind refreshed when you wake up in the morning.

This Memory Foam Pillow is formed of high-quality foam, which is appropriate comfortable. This means it is neither extremely soft nor extremely hard. It is made up of good breathable material, and the pillows offer extreme comfort while sleeping.

Using this pillow will also help you to fall asleep faster. This is another major advantage of using MOJOREST Memory Foam Pillow. You may get the odour of fresh foam that is not harmful and can be dissipated and aired out easily. The pillow comes in a large size, an added feature for the people as they can move around in their sleep comfortably.

Things we like:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ergonomic
  • Value for money
  • Extremely comfortable

Buying Guide To Choose Best Cervical Pillow

What Is a Cervical Pillow?

You can see cervical pillows as an orthotic device specially designed to keep the neck area slightly hyperextended while you are asleep. As a result, the tension and the pressure around the neck are released, giving you therapeutic results. In other words, it cures your cervical problems while you are asleep at night. 

Benefits Of Cervical Pillow

If you are still unsure whether or not to get a cervical pillow, you must know its benefits:

  • The pillow provides great support and is capable of relieving neck pain.
  • It helps in maintaining the spine’s cervical curve and loosens up the built-up tension. 
  • You will be able to get better sleep and feel energetic as you wake up. 
  • Cervical pillows are specially designed for getting the right alignment for your body. 

Best Sleeping Position For Neck Pain

A sore neck is the worst of all, but a few adjustments can help you improve the condition. The best sleeping position for neck pain are:

  • Sleeping on your back: It helps to keep your spine’s curve in a natural position.
  • Sleeping on your side: It is the best way to keep your chin straight and your head neutral. 
  • Please do not sleep on your stomach: It is the worst sleep-in when you have neck pain. So, avoid it at any cost.

How do I choose a pillow for neck pain?

If you have unbearable neck pain and want to get rid of it, try changing the pillow you are using. You will be able to get yourself the best pillow for your neck pain by following just these simple steps:

  • #Step 1: Check your sleeping position: Remember that the best position to sleep in is on the back and sides. Never sleep on your stomach.
  • #Step 2: Look for the right pillow shape: If you are a sideway sleeper, you will need a slightly raised pillow resulting in proper alignment of your neck and spine. However, you may benefit from a pillow with a cervical spine curve if you sleep on your back.
  • #Step 3: Analyze the pillow height: In case of neck pain, it’s better to go for a flatter pillow.
  • #Step 4: Don’t forget to test: While pillow shopping, makes sure to put the pillow under your head and lie down in your regular sleeping position. See if it’s comfortable enough.
  • #Step 5: Replace your pillow when needed: Every pillow usually has a usage period of 1 to 2 years. So, make sure to buy a new one for the best support.

Things to Consider Before Buying Cervical Pillow For Neck Pain

It would be best to keep in mind some factors when choosing the right cervical pillow for your neck pain. They are:

  • Material: It is the foremost thing to consider. There are a variety of materials from which cervical pillows are made. But it is always better to choose memory foam for better performance.
  • Shape: Many are mistaken that cervical pillows come only in one shape. The truth is it comes in multiple options, so before buying it, make sure to check which one comforts you the most.
  • Comfort: The last and the most important one is checking how comfortable the pillow is. It does not mean the most expensive one will be the most comfortable. You have to check it before buying. 
  • Price: Another important factor to consider when buying a cervical pillow is its cost. There can be a huge variance between different products, in fact, on the same product on different sites too. So, make sure to get yourself the best deal. Again, the recommended site would be Amazon.


With the help of the above points and reviews, you will find the best cervical pillow for your neck pain. So, make sure to go through every one of them before ordering your orthopaedic pillow.

Our editor’s pick is Zoliva cervical pillow because it is an all-in-one pillow with three layers to support any way of sleeping. The second choice will be Tynor Cervical Pillow if you want great performance at an affordable rate.


  1. Do cervical pillows help neck pain?

    A cervical pillow plays an important role in supporting your head, keeping the neck in line with the spine, and alleviating the built-up pain. Also, it helps to relax muscles.

  2. Can short-neck people use a cervical pillow?

    Anyone, no matter short or tall, with any sleeping style can use a cervical pillow. You can use Obliq cervical pillow no matter if you sleep on your back, sides, or stomach.

  3. How long does it take for neck pain relief using a cervical pillow?

    It may take a couple of weeks for the neck to become accustomed to the pillow. Thus, one should be patient with it. But once it does, you will experience tremendous

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